My Sister Linoleum performs an eclectic blend of original songwriting, “steam” jazz, fingerpicking traditional music, and old English/Irish folk songs. We do all of our own production and sound engineering at Suboptimo Studios, located in the basement of our home in beautiful Walla Walla, Washington.

Janet Still Shot 1Janet Berger launched her musical career in the early 1980s singing jazz standards at a local piano bar in Fort Collins, Colorado. She soon became a highly sought after vocalist in nightclub musical reviews, private events, radio commercial voice-overs, studio vocals and featured guest appearances with several area jazz combos. She wrote her first song (“Working Man’s Bar”) as a teenager working as a waitress in a local blue-collar bar and quickly established a regional reputation as a sharp narrative songwriter. “My primary influences have been Joni Mitchell, Cheryl Wheeler and Dan Fogelberg because of their gift for storytelling and lush lyrical imagery,” Berger says. “I think many of my songs are really more a form of therapy – exploring my own issues, observations and experiences behind the veil of songwriting.” Over the past three decades, Berger has continually stopped crowds cold from Walla Walla, Washington to Washington, D.C. with her deeply personal and highly insightful original material. She’s currently finishing her long awaited collection, ‘Little Windows.’

Bill Head Shot 2Bill Bogard taught himself to play the old guitar in the closet at his sister’s house. An accomplished guitarist and pianist, he has a forty year career playing and composing music in and around Colorado and the west, including work touring (Kinesis, Sesame Street), numerous club and stage performances, theatrical projects, and productions of his own work. He has a special love for jazz, but feels at home with all styles of music, especially folk, world, and experimental musics. In guitar, he has been influenced by the work of Jim Hall, Wes Montgomery, and John Renbourn. His original music includes songwriting, compositions for solo guitar, small jazz groups, bands, and orchestral ensembles. He first played with Janet Berger in public over thirty years ago and immediately fell in love with her incredible voice, sensitivity, and musical talent. After a long separation, they are back together in what will be a long, beautiful, and productive collaboration. When he isn’t out playing, Bill also teaches in the sociology department at Whitman College.