Bill Bogard

Bill Bogard grew up on a small farm outside Fort Collins Colorado and became interested in music largely through the influence of his grandmother, who played an old upright piano in her parlor.  He remembers long, lazy afternoons when she would let him sit on the bench and watch her play music for hours on end, songs passed down to her when she too was a young person.  When she passed away, the piano went with her, and he turned to whatever instruments were at hand to keep playing: guitars, harmonicas, accordians, basses, and other pianos at friends’ and relatives’ homes.  Largely a self taught musician, he developed a special love for jazz, which branched out into all kinds of different musics.Bill Head Shot 2  During many years playing, performing, and writing music, which included performances with Open Stage Theater in Colorado, road gigs with the band Kinesis, and with the Sesame Street touring troupe, he also pursued a career in teaching, relocating from Colorado to Washington State where he currently is a professor of sociology at Whitman College.  He has performed in many different venues, with many different and diverse artists over the years, and continues to compose and play in a wide variety of genres and styles.  In addition to his work with My Sister Linoleum, some of his solo instrumental material can be found online at